Sunday, 4 December 2011

Edinburgh Weekend

Last weekend we went up to Edinburgh for a few days that then led me into a days work while Helen went shopping.  So we arrived on the Saturday and stayed just a few miles past the zoo.  This was so we could leave the car and use the bus to get in.

Nothing set in stone for walking this weekend. The main was to relax and enjoy the Christmas markets as well. That where we went when we arrived around 430pm. 

The markets are the normal mix of Christmas markets but not as big as Manchester markets. Which I may report about after this weekend. There were the normal German sausage stalls and apple strudel. Plus the old Gluvien stalls.  The gift stalls had the candle stalls and wooden toys that you may find in Manchester. There was plenty of hand made Jewellers and Gemstone stalls. Again nothing stood out as one I know back in Manchester. 
They did have a fair ground area and the ice rink down in the park area. But with the strong winds. The big wheel was left to the next day.

We then went for a curry and to a place I been before. Mother Indian.  Which is a tap as Indian.  The food is great and each time I gone its packed to the doors. We did not book, so we had to wait 45 mins in the bar next door. Which had live singer on. Think the place was Edinburgh No1 Folk bar.

The next day we wander around the new Cotswolds shop before heading up onto Arthur seat. Again it was windy but a clear day.  Busy as it was Sunday and a good place if you do trail running. It was a good day to look down on the city and see the old layout. How many old buildings there are in the town. From here we went back into the city and went up to the castle to see the ice sculptors. Just two have been done. The castle was free today as it was St Andrews Day. As we walked up everyone was coming out of the castle.  From here we back down onto Princess Street and went on the big wheel.

The final day we were moving hotel so we drove round to the ski slope near the Pentland hills.  Our aim was a small walk as the forecast again was not good. We arrived at the car park to heavy showers and soon we were on the hillside. Walking at the side of the ski slope and up onto Caerketton Hill. 

Where we were hit with strong winds. Quick measure of the wind speed came out 22 to 30mph. Again we had to good views down onto the City and in the distance you could just see the Forth Road Bridge.  We then carried on to Allermuir Hill, which we found the wind was even stronger and knocking us over. At the twig point we could see south along the Pentland hills and what a ridge walk that would be.  Even a place for a wild camp. But not today and we decided to turn back and head back down due the wind. We did look at carrying onto another hill, but we could go and look at two outdoor shops.  Which we did in the end and came away with a Christmas present. So cannot be bad.

In the evening we checked in a new hotel in the centre and headed for the Café Royal bar for a meal and some fine ales. Went to Oxford bar as we were told it was a good bar. Very old bar and then back to the pub next to the Café royal for a ½ beer and a malt whiskey.

So not a big weekend for walks in the hills but we did some miles around the city and close hills. 

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