Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Standage Edge

Today Sunday walk  took us up onto Standage Edge. To practice part off an up and coming walk.
We stared at the fox and Hounds pub above Hathersage on A625.  You can park here as long you buy a drink later in the bar. So from here we head north onto Burbage Rocks. Taking the high path. Soon we you come to the road where we had a quick break before heading towards Cowper Stone. This leads up onto Stanage Edge. Where today was a perfect day for the climbers to be out on the rock faces.

When we do the walk we would carry onto High Neb but as we were  late setting off. We took the path/lane down past Buck stone. Stepping out of the way for tthe4x4s that come past.

 We then meet the road and we find that the path that leads down though a wooded area into Hathersage. By now the sun is slowly setting and is throwing a golden light against the landscape.

Into hathesage and a quick look in the Outside shop, but we had to get going as the light was fading. We went up the road to find a lane going of the left which led us up into a wood at the point where the sun was giving its last blast of golden light on the trees.   

We were soon onto Hathersage Moor walking in the moonlight back up to the car.    

Overall a cracking days walking in great weather.                                                                

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