Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hollingworth Lake Walk

Today I was out with the walking group and Helen was home with a bad cold.  The plan for the walk was to start from the Car Park on the A58 near the White Horse pub, but due to the snow the road was closed so the leader started the walk from the lake area. The was about 8 miles long and took in many lanes that were blocked with drifted snow.  many of the farms were cut off from the main road.  We encounter 36Mph plus winds and this stopped us going onto Blackstone edge. The wind did make some interesting snow patterns. Overall a good walk.


  1. Love the photo’s. It was bitterly cold yesterday here wasn’t it.

    1. It was cold with the wind, but we change the route so we did not have to go up onto Blackstone edge. The wind was 36mph down at the bottom at one point. From changing the route we got the chance of some good photos of the snow.

  2. Great stuff, Colin. Lovely pictures.