Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Port Erin Coastal Walk

Looking Back towards Port Erin

Our first walk on the Isle of Man takes us to one that we have always done. Port Erin around the coast to the Calf and back round.

We set off along the seafront of Port Erin and head towards the Life Boat Station. Where we take the Coast path up behind some old buildings. Passing a grass area of seagulls with young. The path climbs steeply to where when you look back you have the full view of Port Erin seafront with its lovely beach. On the other side we can see Bradda Tower under repair.
Herring Gull

The path along the coast  is up and down and you need to be careful with some of the grass as your feet gets tangle in the long grass. Along the route you will see many sea birds  nesting on the cliff and we were looking to see there young birds as well. We have been told there is a bird of prey nesting on the cliffs.

As we head towards the Calf which soon come into view. We are looking out for Basking Sharks but looking at the state of the sea we don’t think we see any. Once down at the Sound Calf, which is busy with people going for lunch at the Sound CafĂ©. Many are looking out at the seals on Kitterland. First time we have seen the sea with very strong currents as the two seas meet.

From the Sound we now head around to the east side and head up steeply to Spanish Head, where we look back again at the Calf before we head round to the Chasms.  Again the path is overgrown and it’s the first time we have seen muddy paths in July.
Further we can look down to The Sugarloaf where there is fishing boast and diving boast.

Looking back to the Calf

Looking Towards Sugar Loaf

Once at the Chasm we turn inland to head towards the Village of Crgneash. You can walk along the coast to Port St Mary and come in that way.  But as time was with us and we wanted a nice pint of Bushy Beer.  Once though the village we across the main road and take a minor road that leads back down to Port Erin. You will pass a path that leads upto  a small Stone circle and further pass a couple of grand entrance to a house. Believe it was once owned by Nigel Manshall.
Village of Crgneash

Once back at PortErin we always like the Ice cream and then a beer in the The Bay Hotel on the seafront.

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