Saturday, 6 October 2012

Port de Soller Runs

One of the things we took besides our walking gear, was our running shoes. So we not  up at the big distances with running compare to the walking we do, but it would be nice to run in the warm weather. The plan was to do about 3 or 4 runs but in the end we only did 2. We nearly did 3 but after the gorge walk we missed the ferry by 5 mins and we had to sit in a bar for 3 hours until the next one. Plus time we got back to hotel we had to pack as we were leaving the next day and we had very wet walking boots to dry out for the plane the next day.

Both runs was along the bay of the town. The second one we  just ran down different streets to have a look around the town and up roads to see what was up there. Good way to see the town. There is a lot of people use the bay to run, as we could watch them pass our hotel.

Second Run. Green Start should have been where red mark is. Gps did not pick up

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