Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend In Howarth

We  had a recent weekend away at Haworth. To tie up with the beer and music festival, which we did not  go to  in the end. Mainly due to the costs and catching trains down the line.

But we did two walks over the weekend. The first one was setting out from the hostel and heading up though the town to the parish church. Though the church grounds with the golden trees to Penistone hill.  We carried  on the pennine way/ millennium way in a west direction to Bronte Bridge. Quick stop here befoe moving up hill to Withins Heights. The ruins of the old house.

From here we could have cut across the moor to Oxenhope but with fine weather we carried  on along the Pennine Way Walshaw Dean Reservoir. Where we walk a short distance to pick up the permissive path over Wadsworth Moor. This would lead us around the moor where we pick up the track to head towards Leeshaw reservoir. Before picking up various paths to oxenhope. 

We had a short stop at the local pub before heading along the river path back to Haworth.

1st Walk

The next day we did a smaller walk that went north of Howarth towards Oakworth and the west towards Keighley moor reservoir. Befoe turning back towards Howarth.
2nd Day Walk

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