Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kinder walk


Today we were out with waking group on kinder scout.  We started from the quarry car park. Which was the start of the  mass trespass.  We followed the paths up towards Kinder low End. Following this around to the right to Edale Cross. We then headed up onto Swine's  Back.  Where we had fine views down the Edale valley.

Looking down into Edale Valley
We then followed the path east along the edge towards Pyms Chair Rocks. From here we headed on the moor towards Kinder Downfall.  So we would enter the falls along the river. On arriving we were met with fine spray of water. Which was blowen being back from the fall. As normal it was busy around the fall.  But soon were on the way due to the cold wind.
From here we went north towards Ashop hill to take the path down cross over the junction of paths at William Clough. We was carrying on towards Mill Hill to look at the aircract weck.

We then headed sw towards the white shooting lodge. By now the sunn was bathing Kinder in a warm orange glow as the sun was going down. Soon we headed down towards kinder res before heading the short distance to the car parks.

Looking Back Towards Kinder. In the setting sun

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