Tuesday, 1 October 2013




Day 1 Saturday 31/08/2013

Manchester to Brixham

Miles walked – 0

We left home with rucksacks packed to catch walk to Woodley train station to catch the 10 O’clock train to Manchester – a bit earlier than planned but we were ready so thought we might as well set off. At Piccadilly we went to Sainsbury’s & bought sandwiches, water etc, for our journey, then went & had a cup of tea and a cake while we waited fro our train. Our through train to Paignton was due to leave just after 12, & came in about 20 minutes beforehand, so we got on, found our booked seats, put the rucksacks with the luggage and got ready to set off. It took 5 hours to Paignton, but we didn’t need to change trains, just sit there and eat, read kindles, listen to music etc. It was a bright sunny day. Unfortunately we didn’t have a window, but the train got quieter later on, and we moved seats so we could see out as we reached tie South coast, and could see some of our route to come. The train terminated at Paignton, and we got off and followed everyone out of the station. We were just looking for the bus station when we saw our bus go past so we followed it round the corner, got on and were soon in Brixham further along the coast. Colin spotted our B&B as we approached the harbour, so we got off and walked back. Very friendly owners. After a quick shower and cup of tea we headed down to the sea front at Brixham. There were quite a number of cafes, restaurants etc, and lots of families wandering round. 

 We had excellent fish & chips at fish and chip shop on the front, then went for a walk along the pier and back. It was getting dark by then, so we went in a small pub just off the front and had a couple of drinks and listened to a man singing to a guitar. Then, tired out, we walked back to the B&B. 


AccommodationMidhurst B&B

Beer – Jail and Proper Job        


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