Monday, 18 March 2013

Derwent Walk

 A walk we led for the walking group.

After a poor weather forecast on Tuesday  for Sunday the forecast was 100% out.Ten of us had a dry day for the St Patrick Derwent Walk. Bit of a cold wind on top but it did not affect us.  What I forgot to say about the walk was the free Guinness cake which went down a storm at the first break.

The walk took us onto Derwent moor along the edge taking in Wheel Stones, Salt Cellar Rocks, Cake of Bread and onto the twig point of Back Tor for lunch.  Where we opened the cans of Guinness that we took up.  We then took the path which would lead us down to the road that runs around dewent where we had the long flat easy walk back to the cars.

Then some us stopped of at the Snake inn on the way back home.

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