Saturday, 9 March 2013

2nd Review for Berghaus FreeFlow Rucksack by Colin.

Berghaus Freeflow Rucksack.

At last I had a chance to try and test the freeflow 20 rucksack  from Berghaus
Mainly been out of action due to illness and other things.
So   it was tested on a 6 miles walk on a cold day. The first thing was to get the rucksack to fit  and straps right so it sat correct.

The ruck sack has a mesh back which I found was good all day. It has a large hip belt which ok, but looked a bit big for size of rucksack but it caused no problems.

It has two compartments the main is entered from the top and a small map size pocket on the back. As it was  cold day I was wearing my water proof and fleece. The waterproof would have fitted in but space would be a issue with this rucksack. As I also had my food, over trouser and hats and gloves in the sack. Plus first aid kit. So space was tight. The map pocket is only design for maps.  

On the side there is a stretch pocket for water bottle and these are done at a angle I had no problems with these as |Helen did, but the bottle did keep dropping out when I put the rucksack down. On the back there is the two loops for your poles but they were not used today.

Overall a good light weight rucksack..  Would I use it for walking? The answer would be only for small mileage walks and low down. Plus in the winter you are taking more stuff with you.  The 20L is not big enough for this, but there is a bigger litre size above this one. A good rucksack for city breaks.

My normal rucksack is a Osprey which has it’s good points and bad points as well.


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