Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Ultimate Picnic Walk. Torre Picada &Sa Illeta

We woke to rain. Bouncing down rain. We had breakfast and called into the outdoor shop to check on the gorge walk we booked for the next day.

With the weather looking a little better, but the mountain tops still covered in cloud,  we decided to walk along the coast in a east direction. The walk in the book was called a picnic walk.

 From the bay we headed back in land to where the main bus stop was and we carried on along until we reached a track.. A sign told us where we were on the map and we could match up with the map. The map was not 100% correct.  We now start following the track steadily up in between the olive terraces. Now it start raining and we waited thinking it’s just a passing shower, but the spots get bigger and faster it come down. So waterproofs come on and we carry on little further to where we find a group huddled under some trees. So we join them for a while and now its bouncing down. In the end we carry on as a true British would do along a track that leads up to Torre Picada Tower. From where should have had grand views but not today. 

We retraced our steps back down the track and met the other track to carry on round the hill side. We could have gone back to the weather but hey ho its only water. The track now starts to climb though more Olive groves. We are being circled high up by 4 eagles we think. To our right the Penyal Bernat pinnacle towers above us. We pass a few buildings which must be second homes for people and could be part of the Olive groves and lot of them don’t seem to be picked any more. So we carry on the track and it reaches a gate which is our turning point to head back down. 

  You do have the option of going on but the path comes more rocky and as the cloud is still down we did not fancy walking in the mountains in the cloud. So we head back down and we get different views as we had our back to on the way up.

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