Sunday, 9 September 2012

Brothers Water camping

We just did a quick camp in the lakes. Went up Saturday moring and arrived at Skyeside campsite about 1pm.  After setting up the tent we did a small walk down to Patterdale and enjoyed a pint of beer. By now the weather was improving. We followed the sane route back to the campsite where we enjoyed a BBQ.

Next  day we packed up and few clouds around eheaded up to Hartsop Dodd. We took the path opposite the casmpsite where we should have found a path. But there was no path so we yomp up the steep hill, calfs were burning us.  On top we found a lovely wide path and we had fine views all round. Our next wainwright was Stony Cove Pike which was a easy route from Hartsop.  From Stony cove we could look at the hills we did early in the year from the kentmere round. We could see many figures doing the round but we no one on the hills we doing. From the here we had a choice of coming down pastures bottom or going west and come back down caudale head and though the mine which we did.  By now the wind was getting gusting and a the clonds were starting to build up ito the south. The route down was down a grassy path not too steep. We were surprise how steep we had climbed up Hartsop as it did not look a gradually hill.

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