Monday, 30 July 2012

Bradda Head Walk

Our next walk took us back to Port Erin  and the reason was the Southern 100 races that would start later in the week in the south of the island.

Our route today took us north along the coast.  From the prom we followed the path that would lead us up a steady climb to Bradda Head Tower.  Look like some work was under way to repair the brick work. Normally you can climb to the top but the door was blocked of. From the top of the hill you can look  down the coast to the Calf and North to Peel Tower.

From the tower we went North. About 3 or 4 years ago this area suffered a bad grass fire. Where everything was burnt down to the sea.. It was just a mass black area. Over the  last couple of years we have seen it grow slowly in  patches, but this year seems to have grown back a lot better.  Today it looked great as the sun shined down on the green areas.  We then came to Bradda Hill and this  where we had a steep climb down to to Fleshwick bay.

 This is a nice spot for lunch in this cove area. Surrounded by steep cliffs.  Then we keep following the path North and again we have to climb steep out again.  It’s a big pull up and we follow the path along the top of the cliffs where it drops down to the A36 road. 

This is where we turn 360 degrees to return along a track that leads into Sulby.  Now you get different views. You can see Port St Mary and round to Castletown and Langness in the far distance.  You then past though the back of Port Erin passing some nice houses on the way back to the prom.

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