Sunday, 24 June 2012

Am Faochagach 954m

This was going to be our final munro of the week. The weather forecast had changed again and we knew it would change later in the day. So about 30 min drive got us to the car park on the A835 next to Loch Glascarnoch. Small car park for about 8 cars. 

We set off over the stile and a good path across peat, which with the good weather was dry. We then came to the river which we had to cross. It took us a bit of searching looking for a good set of rock to cross. Some were covered in a green slime which was slippery or lets lethal. We were lucky that the river was not in spate.

From here we headed round a mound to find the burn heading up hill. All we had to do was follow this all the way to the col. On route picking and losing the path until the final half hour where the path was not faint.

We had lunch on the ridge and we noticed the wind had got little stronger.  We now followed the ridge up to the first hill where it drop again before the final slog to  Am Faochagach.  The hill is rounded top with many rocks. In the mist it could be easy to miss the summit. Again we had 360 views of the hills. We planted a few stones on the cain and made a new sculptor for others to enjoy.

Our return was following the same route down and on the way down we came across  adollavce bird. We knew the young chicks were somewhere near us as the bird was doing the broken wing act.

We left her alone and carried onto the col we came to early on and had a good soft east walk back down on the peat. Could be worst it was wet and boggy.  Then back to the river where we had to find our route back across again. Once at the car we turned and looked back at we did and the mountain was in cloud. The weather was now changing.

Another easy munro but with good views.

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