Sunday, 4 March 2012

Kettlewell Weekend

We just had a weekend in Kettlewell. Lovely Yorkshire dale village.  Two walks we did one was about 15 miles and the second about 7 miles.

The first of the walk was about 15 miles. We headed east out of the village to Hoodsbank and Hag dyke just below Great Whernside. The going was hard due the wet and boggy ground but soon we had to head up onto Great Wherside by the steep way. Itw as the best way get steep bit out of the way. Once on top we were surprised how cold it was. The light wind was bitter. Quick measure of the wind speed  said the wind chill was about –4. The wind was blowing about 3 mph. So we did not hang about to long at the twig point (704m).
We headed north looking for the path that would take us back down Black Dike. Where we could see our final hill in the distance Buckden Pike. Once at the minor road we had lunch before the next climb up.  From the ground got very boggy and hard going under foot.  After Tor Mere Top we were finding we had to jump across a lot of the bogs or trust the plank of wood. On route we passed a memorial cross to a plane crash during the war.  We were soon at our final hill Buckden Pike 702m.

Then it was all down hill following the Bridleway down to the village of Buckden and then the final leg following the Dales way back to Kettlewell.

All in all a good walks but the legs felt it?

Second Walk

This was a easy 7 miles from Kettlewell to Arncliffe. The route took us west out of Kettlewell up onto middlesmoor pasture. A nice little climb and down into Arncliffe.  Where we had lunch  and a pint ion the. The Falcon.  The Falcon, with its bay windows and ivy-covered exterior, offers superb Dales hospitality. Ale is still served in the time-honoured fashion - from barrel to glass via a porcelain jug. Plus it was a nice pint of Timothy Ale.

After lunch we headed down the valley along Littondale and then back over to Kettlewell.  The walk was just enough after the 15 miles walk.

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