Sunday, 4 March 2012

Darwin Tower Walk

Leading a walk for the local group.  But will have to go back and do this walk as 99% of the day was in fog. The paths were covered in think ice in places. So hard going and did not see anything until the very end where it cleared.

So going to be very basic about this until we do the walk again. Our aim was to go up to Darwin Tower that just had a new roof put onto it.  Got the idea from the news and I did not you could go up it. So we got upto it but it was not a easy climb up the steps. The stone stairwell was covered in ice all the way up. Once up there you not see a thing. From here we picked up the Witton weavers way path that would lead us to Entwistle. Where we found the Strawberry Duck Pub for a nice pint. From here we went round the Turton Entwistle reservoir. Which the path was covered with thick ice. We did have our spikes on but some us did not. Then it was onto Turton moor and back towards the tower. Where the last 1/2 mile it cleared.

Darwin Tower

As i said we will go back and do this walk again as we do think it will be a good walk with good views.

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