Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Isle Of Man

Back in the isle of man  for just over a week. The walks we did were similar to last year, but we still like going and doing them. But more running this year.


The first was Port Erin and along the coast to Calf Island. The return is part way along the coast to the Chasm and then cut back though the Cregneash village. Where we come across some pigs rolling in the mud.  From the village its back along the back road into Port Erin.


The second walk took us on another route we always do. Again from Port Erin up to Bradda head  and along to Fleshwick beech. Then after lunch we head up the next hill northwards where then we return inland to follow a track back to Port Erin. Over the years we have seen a great improvement as the land has recover from a large grass fire. Most of the grass down the sea was destroyed

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