Monday, 10 October 2011

DofE Leader Training. Dovestones Greenfield

 DofE Training

Today Sunday walk was a DofE Leader get together/Training day. Our walk was going to be around the Dovestones area of Saddleworth. As we teach the youngest at DofE. Always make sure you have packed the map. Did that but the white peak.  But we knew the area.
Five us set with low cloud looming in the hills. We followed the west side path of Dovestones towards Yeomans Hey reservoir and then on to Green Field reservoir.

What a Place to loose your bone

From here we follow Greenfield Brook to where we have a spilt. We are going to take the right split up Birchen Clough. So this is where the fun starts. With the heavy rain during the day before and though the night. The brook is now a raging brook of brown water. What in the summer you can jump on the stones or paddle across in inch water. Is now a foot of more fast flowing river. The grit stone rocks have lost the grip. So with a lot of up and down the brook looking for a spot to across. At one point it did look, as we have to turn back. But we found a spot to across with helping hands and poles. Team building.

Then we were on the right side to head up the Birchen Clough, puling our selves up the small rock out crops.  Further on we had a lunch as it broaden out. Then it started to rain.  From here we headed onto the top so we could find the path that went round the edge. In time we came across the memorial cross. Something to do with a gamekeeper shooting a walker.

Church Inn Saddleworth
Now we headed south to follow the path marked on the map to Chew valley res and then head back down the service road to Dovestones. |Firstly the path was good and then totally gone.  So gps and bearings we had to use. With a little training from Alan on pacing.
Soon we were back down. Cold and wet.  Then in the Church in Pub for some hot food and beer.
Walk was about 7 ¾   miles.  


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