Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Tent Lights

Always found it hard to find decent tent lights that are light weight and small. Plus give a good light out. Lot of lights you find you have to hang and they always heavy. Few months ago came across the Ring tent lights in a walking magazine. These sounded fine so contacted ring to find where to buy them from and they told me Halfords, but Halfords did not know about them. Went back to ring and they told me Go Outdoors had just got some in but again they did not know about them, In the end found them on the web.

Ring web details about them
For use in 2/4 man tent, powered by 4 x AA batteries giving up to 7 hours of continuous light (more if used intermittently), 3 LEDs give 60 lumens of light. Includes clips and hook and loop tape for fixing. Cable length = 2mtrs giving maximum flexibility

So they arrived very quick and we used them few weeks ago with our larger tent. They gave good light output and the length cable between each light was good as you spread the 3 lights around. There was also a good length of cable that led up to the switch. You had different fittings from Velcro to straps but we used the small clips. It would have been nice if they were design with somewhere to clip the cable on..

We will be using them in the backpacking tent in a few weeks. So not sure if we should have got the two light versions as the 3 maybe too much plus a lot of cable in the two man tent.

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