Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bradda Head Walk

Lovely cracking walk taking in Bradda Head and Fleshwick bay. With fine views all day. 7.5 miles but can be extended further north. My choice is leave it as it and take the views and look out for basking sharks.

The walk starts in Port Erin and heads out towards Bradda Head. The paths starts low around the bay the heads up steep towards the tower. You can climb the tower and look out from the top. Be careful on the spiral staircase, as there is no light inside.

The views from top are great as you can see south towards Calf Island and North towards peel. Keep a look out towards the sea for basking sharks. But it is a good spot to have a quick break and marvel at the view. To the right of the tower you will find an old gun post look out.

Now we head North along the cliff path. Few years ago a large fire destroy a lot of the heath and it is now just getting back to normal. If you look careful you will still see burnt fence posts and bare patches going down to the sea.

Once on Bradda hill you will be looking down to Fleshwick Bay and across to the next hill you have to climb. It a steep descent down and once at the beech you can again have rest and marvel the sea view or what I prefer is climb up above the heather and sit and watch out from higher up. Plus you also keep away from the many horse flies that are around.

The next stage is to walk along Raad NY Foillan and down towards the A36 road. At this point you can go north but on this route we turn and head south along a bridle way. This just keeps above the road but it gives you fine views towards the airport and Castleton. Plus also Port St Mary

The will descend down into Surby and across the golf course and back into Port Erin. Where I would go for an ice cream or a lovely pint of Bushy Ale at the Bay Hotel. Which if you can sit outside look back at the hill you first went up in the morning.

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