Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mam Tor

Looking along the ridge towards Mam Tor
Today we did a walk of about 12.7 miles. Mainly to get some miles in before Skye Trail walk. So idea was to set of from Hope and head on the ridge. But as it was late when we set off. We parked at Mam Tor carpark.  leaving mam tor to the last. Our route took us south to join the limestone way down past Peveil Castle into Castleton. On the way down you could here the air coming out of the.many caves below you.

Castleton home of the Blue John mines was a busy with day tripers.  Yha hostel had a planning notic up about change of use. It was looking in a bad way. Little run down on the outside Quick look in the outdoor shops, but nothing to stop you.
Soon we back on the track to head north ip onto Hollins Cross where we turned left along the ridge to Lose Hill.  Every one was out and we saw the same people that passed us on the Limestone Way.
We now had to head south and down hill and find the travk that would take us to Jaggers Clough.
Just before we head up we turn back up along a track as time was a agaist us.
We soon came to Nether Booth and a long the road to a  track that would lead us back to Hollins Cross again where we furn right towards Mam Tor. Our final hill. By now all the day walkers.had gone home and we had the hill to ourselves. 
Then  short stoll to the car.  Our legs were sore but we feltwe did  a good walk.

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