Saturday, 15 December 2012

Brussels Christmas Markets

Few weeks ago we were in Brussels for a long weekend with couple of friends. This was mainly to go around the Christmas Markets and little sight seeing. We landed at the airport in the snow and then about half hour for the bus to take us to Brussels and book into the hotel.

The markets is spread around the city little  bit like Manchester. The same set of the little huts down the streets.  The first thing I noticed that the was hardly anyone on them for a Friday afternoon where Manchester would be rammed. The mulled wine was cheaper then Manchester at 2 euros and you did not need to pay a cup deposit.

Our first call was the Grand Place and the moden tree. Abies Electronicus Xmas tree.  In a nut shell a scaffolden tree.covered in white sheets. But at night it was a light show and music.

Leading of the Grand Place takes you though other markets and onto Saint Niclight. Church with a light show being beamed onto at night. From here you head to a Turkish Market where there is a Bamboo sticks structure and again it turns into a light show at night. Then from here you can walk to the final 2km market with its ice rink and large Big wheel at the end.  Plenty of stalls selling gifts and food. One thing I noticed was not many selling sausage that you get in Manchester.  Food was mainly the potatoes with bacon, chilli or pasta dish. No dutch pancakes or sweet food I could see.

Plenty of chocolate shops on every street and gifts of the Manneken Pis. We also visited some nice Belgium bars selling some nice beers.

We also came across the Terracotta Army expo that was on and we had a looked round there on the last day.  Which was amazing to see in a small way.

We did the bus tour around the city and we also took a train to the city of Antwerp.  Another city full of old buildings with gold leaf on them. A very long road from the station to the old part lined with moden shops. Again Christmas markets were on and they had a big wheel which we could view the city. But again not as busy as Manchester and this was on a Saturday. The hot was 3 euros but you got a bigger cup. As we walked back at night we came across some festival that was starting.

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