Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Buttermere Weekend 2nd Walk

Buttermere From Low Bank

Our 2nd walk at Buttmere took us to the hill we missed out Low Bank. So from the hostel we took the road back towards Crummock Water and went up the steep part to Low Bank 355m.  From there our aim was to head up to Whiteless Pike and carry onto  Craig Hill.

Low Bank
Whiteless Pike before the Mist
So after the Low Bank which gives you good views down Buttermere. The rain and clound was still with us but a stiff wind was coming as well. We headed up the path towards Whiteless  Pike but some of our party turn back due to the weather. 35 mph winds, but we carried onto the top and it was gusting hard. We did not hang about at the top and we decided not to carry onto the next hill but turn around and head back down to Buttermere where we enjoyed a beer in the Fish.

Gps readings 8km  Highest point 613 m

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